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  • Julie-Ann

    February 24, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    Some advice for people living in Barbados trying to your succulents alive and healthy.

    I know you are determined to keep your succulents alive, and now you’re on track to do that!

    And I also know how hard it can be to wait until the soil is dry before you water your babies.

    It’s easy to forget when you watered them last too.

    I want to help you recognize the early signs your succulent is getting too much or too little water.

    The Soak and Dry Method is the best start for watering succulents.

    But let’s take it a step further.

    Rather than waiting to water until your soil is dry (which is sometimes hard to determine), water only when your succulents show early signs of under watering.

    I’ve found that taking this approach — soaking the soil and then waiting until the succulent leaves look a bit limp and dull — has dramatically reduced the number of dying succulents in my garden.

    Plus, when you look at your succulents (and are fighting the urge to water them) you’ll know it’s not time to water yet, because your succulents aren’t showing those early under watered symptoms.

    You see, it’s much easier to save a succulent from too little water than to rescue one that is rotting from too much.

    Once the dark stems and blackened leaves start to show up, your succulent is too far rotted to save.

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